The big oak in the middle of Casa.A 400-year-old live oak tree shades the entrance gate to Casa Montessori. Another covers the back decks and patios, areas for work and play. Our resident squirrel, Frisky Whisk, jumps from limb to limb, roof to roof, entertaining the children with his agility. Native plants and a running track encircle the shaded play area; small garden plots have seasonal flowers and vegetables for each class to tend. On the main deck, children can experiment with rhythms and melodies on two outdoor musical instruments.

Enter the door to one of the three classrooms. To quote a three-year-old boy on his first visit, “this is a nice house.” Casa serves the whole family, and for many young children, is their first “home away from home.” Casa offers your child an educational experience based on the innovative learning theories developed by Maria Montessori, one of the world’s pioneers in early childhood education. We invite you to explore our Web site, then call for an appointment to tour the classrooms and see for yourself why Casa Montessori is considered one of Austin’s premier Montessori schools.