Parent Involvement

All of us have something to offer in the way of a special talent or skill. The gift of time is very much appreciated by the children who need adults to volunteer for a variety of children’s activities or upkeep of the campus.

Activities With Children

Volunteer parents are necessary to accompany the Extended Day children to their Community Garden Plot down by the river. Gardening activities are an important part of our nature study program. Drivers and chaperones are always needed to accompany the children on field trips. At times, there are special cooking or art activities where a parent volunteer can be of great assistance in the classroom.

Holidays and Traditional Celebrations

Casa celebrates many of the traditional holidays and the cultural traditions of many of our families. We also have several traditional celebrations, such as Peace Day (the last Sunday of September) and the End-of-Year Picnic and Farewell on the last school day of the year. All of these have many tasks where parents’ help is needed and welcomed.

Work Parties

Occasional work parties help to maintain Casa’s outdoor environments. There are gardening tasks that require adult hands, as well as varied tasks such as repainting the iron gate at the entrance or minor repairs to the play area equipment. Helping hands to make and organize teaching materials are a great help to the staff.

When your children see you helping with the various activities, they feel your immediate support for the life they lead during their days away from you. They are very proud of you. Additionally, all of these offer great opportunities for meeting new people and beginning family friendships.